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Information Communication Technology (Instructor)
Electrical Installation and Maintenance (Instructor)
Basic Electricity (Instructor)
Painting and Decoration (Instructor)
Fabrication and Welding (Instructor)
Catering Craft (Instructor)
Introduction to Building Construction (Instructor)
Carpentry and Joinery (Instructor)
Plumbing and Pipe-fitting (Instructor)
General Woodwork (Instructor)
Building/Engineering Drawing (Instructor)
Motor Vehicle/Mechanic Work (Instructor)
Refrigerator and Air-conditioning (Instructor)
Mechanic Engineering Craft (Instructor)
Basic Technology (Instructor)
Civic/Moral Education (Instructor)
Electrical Works (Instructor)
Blocklaying and Concreting (Instructor)
Furniture Making (Instructor)
Computer Craft (Instructor)
Marine Engineering (Instructor)


Motor Vehicle (Support)
Electrical Installation (Support)
Fabrication and Welding (Support)
Mechanical Engineering Work (Support)
Electronics Work (Support)
Air Condition and Refrigerator (Support)
Block laying and Concreting (Support)
Carpentry and Joinery (Support)
Furniture Making (Support)
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting (Support)
Computer Craft Practice (Support)
Catering Craft (Support)
Painting/Decoration (Support)

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